A Piece of Local History Returns Home

Jim & Vivian Kromer and Darryl Worley

Lt. Ezra S. Griffin Poster

Jim & Vivian Kromer and Evan Bridwell


Many times people have an impact on another’s life without ever knowing it……………. 


Such was the case concerning the poster of Lt. Ezra S. Griffin, Union Soldier of the Grand Army Republic in the Civil War, 1864.  (This poster represented a chronology of his life in the Grand Army Republic and his injury in the battle of Gettysburg that resulted in his death.  The family of the fallen soldier was presented with such a poster to commemorate his many accomplishments.)  Through the combined efforts of several people, a piece of local Civil War history has returned to its respective place in the Library & Museum here in the city of Scranton.  Mr. Evan Bridwell, a disc jockey known as “Casey Adams” at KUZZ radio in Bakersfield, California; Mr. Bob Shaffer, Past Camp Commander of Lt. Ezra S. Griffin Camp #8, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and a member of the Grand Army Republic Memorial Association; Mr. Darryl Worley, well known Country recording artist, song writer and Patriot (remembered best for writing his hit song “Have You Forgotten”); and Jim and Vivian Kromer (Jim formerly of Dalton, Pennsylvania but now residing in Bakersfield, California)……..all very instrumental in the return of this important piece of local history. 


Because of their love for Country music (and especially the music of Darryl Worley), the Kromer's listen to KUZZ Radio constantly.  One day while requesting another Darryl Worley song, Vivian was in a conversation with Evan Bridwell, where he expressed his respect and admiration for Darryl.  He also mentioned that they were both “Civil War buffs” and how impressed he was that on one of his return trips to Bakersfield, Darryl had brought him a relic from the battlefield, Shiloh in Tennessee.  Vivian then mentioned that she had an interesting Civil War poster she wanted Evan to see.  Although she has been an antiques dealer for 25+ years, she had very little knowledge of this poster she had acquired 10 years ago.  Mr. Bridwell then decided to search the web for any information he could find about Lt. Ezra S. Griffin.  He got Bob Shaffer’s name as a contact for the camp in Scranton, PA.  After many phone calls and e-mails between Bridwell and Shaffer, the Kromer's were in contact with Mr. Shaffer.  They decided that they would donate the poster to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Ezra S. Griffin Camp #8.  “After he told us the camp was named in honor of Lt. Ezra Griffin, we felt he no longer belonged in our home.  We knew he had to return to his rightful place!”  The only stipulation made was that a proper appraisal be made so everyone could know the actual history and value.  Lt. Ezra S. Griffin was then boxed and doubled boxed and air-expressed “home” where all could enjoy a true piece of history.


Many times people have an impact on another’s life without ever knowing it………I’m sure that Darryl Worley has no idea that the initial endeavor to return a poster to its rightful place was indirectly because of him.  Each of those instrumental in this return should be recognized for their dedication and devotion to keeping the memory of not just a Civil War veteran, but all those veterans who have sacrificed their lives to keep this country free.


Indeed, many thanks and gratitude go to you Jim and Viv, Evan and especially Darryl for his song, which is a tribute to all of the veterans, both past and present.