When Auxiliary #10 was re-instated, Sister Danielle Shaffer was a month shy of being age 12 to be a Member.  She joined on her 12th birthday, becoming the youngest member for Auxiliary #10 at the time.

Taken July 1992
Back Row: Sisters Mary Ann Beckage, Paulette Barnes, Mary Jo Long, Violet Jones and Lori O'Jevich

Front Row: Sisters Shirley Reap, Maura Bergen, Ruth Lindberg and Jean Shaffer

Taken June 1992
From Left to Right: Jane Wagner, Dorothy Kelly, Mary Jo Long, Dorothy Keklock, Judy Wolfe, Christine Schaefer and Mary Rose Sulger

Taken November 11, 2010
Back Row: Susan Mertz, Mary Jo Long, Danielle Shaffer

Front Row: Judy Wolfe, Jane Wagner, Dorothy Kelly and Joyce Keklock

Taken May 17, 2013
From Left to Right
Back Row: Mary Jo Long, Joyce Keklock and Judy Wolfe

Middle Row: Dorothy Kelly, Alana Zurinski, Barbara Strangfeld, Margaret Myers, Mari Marchese and Susan Mertz

Front Row: Danielle Shaffer, Ireland Myers and Larissa Ellsworth

Taken May 16, 2016