Principles & Purpose

Auxiliary Principles: Acknowledging a firm belief and trust in Almighty God, and believing that under his beneficent care and guidance the free institutions of our land - by the assistance and sacrifices of our soldiers and sailors - have been preserved and the integrity of the nation maintained.

Auxiliary Purpose:

1. To assist the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil war in all their principles and objects.

2. To perpetuate the memory of services and sacrifices of the Union Veterans of the Civil War for the maintenance of the Union, particularly through patriotic and historical observances, especially the proper observance of Memorial Day, Lincoln's Birthday and Appomattox Day.

3. To inuculate true patriotism and love of country, not only among our membership, but to all people of our land, and to spread and sustain the doctrine of equal rights, universal liberty and justice to all. 

4. To oppose to the limit of our power and influence, all movements, tendencies and efforts that make for the destruction or impairment of our constitutional Union and to demand of all citizens undivided loyalty and the highest type of Americanism.