Our Purpose

            The Sons of the Spanish-American War veterans was organized in the Spring of 1927.  Its tenets are to perpetuate the memories of the men who served honorably in the War with Spain, the Philippine Insurrection and the China Relief Expedition; to carry on the fight for adequate and equitable legislation for the Veterans of ’98 and for those widows and dependent minors in State and National Legislatures; and to concentrate their strength behind drives to keep this a land where the ideals of Washington, Lincoln and the Veterans own McKinley might always hold sway.


            Not least in this enumeration of its objects, is the aim to have its members so conduct themselves at all times under all circumstances as to make their veteran fathers proud to call them “Sons” and give into their care a heritage that is second to none!


            FREEDOM.  That condition enjoyed by the people of this nation through the leadership of George Washington and whish the Spanish-American War Veterans in their youth carried to the people of Cuba.


            PATRIOTISM.  The loves of one’s country that inspired the Volunteers of 1898 to forsake all ties of home and business and offer their lives, if necessary, to bring liberty to an oppressed people struggling against tyranny.


            HUMANITY.  That sense of duty to our fellow men which animated our fathers in the performance of duty, that relieved the starvation in Puerto Rico, took happiness to the Philippines, provided for the open door in China and stamped out yellow fever in our Southern States.