September 16, 1999


The meeting was called to order by Senior Vice Commander Ron Albert, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Other members in attendance were:

Bob Yeager Joe Long Russ P. Jones Howard Lane
Matthew Lane (Jr. Member) Jason Lane (Jr. Member) Brent Lane (Jr. Member)  


The minutes from the June  meeting were approved as read.



Joe Long read the financial report with the following information:

     End Balance as of September - $2,420.06

     Help members fund $262.50

     Ticket winner for August - None

     Ticket winner for August - Phil Ruthkowsky

     107 Members have paid dues as of September 16


A motion to accept the Financial report was made by Russ P. Jones and seconded by Bob Yeager.   All were in favor and the report was referred to the audit committee.



July 4th - Phil Jones represented the Camp and Russ P. Jones, Russ W. Jones and Joe Long carried flags at Nay Aug Park.  Ron Albert paraded in Montrose.  Steve Narsavage and Joe Long marched in the parade in Berwick.


Joe Long attended the Pennsylvania Department Encampment.  There were 56 members who attended, which was the most in a long time.


Joe also attended the National Encampment in which there were over 190 members present.  Joe reported that the per capita tax was raised by $2.00 per year.  Danny Wheeler from New York was installed as the National Commander in Chief and George Powell from Philadelphia was installed as the Junior Vice Commander in Chief.


Canon issue - Judge Nealon issued a finding in our favor.  More info to follow.



An application for membership for David Long Jr. was received.  A committee comprised of Bob Yeager, Howard Lane and Russ P. Jones reviewed the application and he was accepted as a member. 


National C-in-C Danny Wheeler asked to be dual member since his grandfather is buried in a cemetery in Wayne County.


Richard C. Murray transferred from Camp #1 in North Carolina because he moved to Easton, PA.


Joe Long submitted receipts for $83.26 and asked that the treasurers expense account be reimbursed.  A motion was made by Bob Yeager and seconded by Russ P. Jones. 


There will be a Testimonial Dinner on October 30, 1999 for Mary Jo Long who was installed as the National President of the Ladies Auxiliary.  Ron Albert made a motion, seconded by Russ P. Jones, to cover unpaid expenses up to $100.00.  There will be an Open House at the Museum from 4-7 p.m.  Joe asked for 3 volunteers to be at the Museum for 1 hour each.  Bob Yeager said he might be able to cover 4-5 p.m.


There will be a Veterans Parade on Sunday, November 7, 1999.  The Camp needs to decide if we will participate.


With no further business, questions or discussion, a motion to adjourn was made by Bob Yeager and seconded by Joe Long.  All were in favor.


Respectfully Submitted,

Robert C. Shaffer