November 18, 1999


The meeting was called to order by Commander Phil C. Jones, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Other members in attendance were:

Bob Yeager Joe Long Don Cahoon Russ W. Jones
Howard Lane Ron Albert John Storm  


The minutes from the October  meeting were approved as read.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Joe Long and seconded by Bob Yeager.  All were in favor.



Joe Long read the financial report with the following information:

     End Balance as of October - $2,231.13.

     Help members fund $220.50

     Ticket winner for August - Mary Jane Bannon

     Ticket winner for November - Mary Jo Long

     September 1999 Per Capita Tax of $389.75 was paid


A motion to accept the Financial report was made by Ron Albert and seconded by Russ W. Jones.   All were in favor and the report was referred to the audit committee.



Testimonial Dinner for Mary Jo Long was held on October 30, 1999 as planned with 117 to 120 people in attendance.  The courtesy room went well.  The Museum was open from 4 to 6 p.m. and was staffed by Ron Albert and Russ P. Jones.  An excellent clean-up of the museum was done by Russ P. Jones and Phil Jones on Saturday, October 23, 1999. 


Harrisburg Camp #15 wants to make arrangements to have one of their Camp Meetings at the museum.  It was suggested by Bob Yeager that this may be a good time to show some of the slides donated to the Camp by Carl Miller.


No one was in attendance for the Veteran’s Day Parade in Scranton on November 7, 1999.


On behalf of the Camp, Joe Long gave Attorney Frank Brier a 1 year Associate Membership in the Camp as previously approved by Camp members.  Attorney Brier was very pleased and grateful for the recognition.



Joe Long recommended that next year a vote should be taken on raising the Camp dues by $2.00 in conjunction with membership renewal. One dollar would go to the monument fund.  The Camp can apply for up to $500 for help in restoring a particular monument.  Joe Long will get information on adopting a monument.


We had a new member application: Howard Edward Quigley.  His application was approved by the review board. 


Joe Long reported that on November 13, 1999, ten ladies from the Daughters of the American Revolution toured the Museum.  On November 15, 1999, fifteen members of the Scott Township Historical Society toured the Museum.  Both groups were very impressed with the artifacts that we have.


We have been recognized by the Department for our membership achievements in 1999 and awarded a certificate. 


Joe Long talked about Carl Miller’s passing.  A $30.00 donation was made to Carl’s Fire Department in his memory from the members help fund.  The motion was made to approve the donation and seconded by Mark Myers.  Everyone approved.


Don Cahoon advised that a Camp appointment had to be made to replace Russ P. Jones whose term had expired.  Bob Yeager made a motion to appoint Ron Albert.  The motion was seconded by Mark Myers and all approved.


At this time, the regular meeting was closed and the floor was opened for nominations for Camp Officers for the upcoming year.  It was recommended that all offices remain with the same people with the exception of Bob Yeager being replaced as Guide by Howard Lane.  All members present voted yes on the nominations as made.


The 50/50 drawing was won by John Storm. 


With no further business, questions or discussion, a motion to adjourn was made by Joe Long  and seconded by Ron Albert.  All were in favor.


Respectfully Submitted,

Russell W. Jones for

Robert C. Shaffer