March 16, 2000


The meeting was called to order by Commander Phil C. Jones, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Other members in attendance were:

Joe Long Bob Yeager Bob Shaffer Ron Albert
Russ P. Jones Russ W. Jones John Conforti Chris Conforti


The minutes from the February meeting were approved as read.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Russ P. Jones and seconded by Bob Yeager.  All were in favor.



Joe Long read the financial report with the following information:

     End Balance was $3,285.76

     Help members fund $253.00

     89 Members have paid their dues as of March 16

     February ticket winner was Phil Jones


Commander Jones and Russ P. Jones audited the books of the treasurer for 1999 and found no problems. 


A motion to accept the Financial report was made by Bob Shaffer and seconded by Russ W. Jones.   All were in favor and the report was referred to the audit committee.



Joe Long reported that there are more things ready to be picked up at the Miller’s.  He is awaiting a call from the family.  He did pick up the boxes of bullets, still waiting on the remainder.


Joe sent out the badge for Adam Lehosky.


Bob Yeager reported that the two men were at the Museum to take measurements for the cabinets.  He should have a proposal within a week.  Company name is Old Town Woodworking.


Memorial Day - Joe is working on the Guest Speaker, Bugler and Re-Enactors.  Bob Shaffer will contact Father McLaughlin.



Joe Long suggested we buy 2 flagpoles, wooden, with non plastic eagles and bases for $75.00.  They belonged to a congressman.  A motion to buy them was made by Russ P. Jones and seconded by Bob Yeager.  All were in favor.


Joe also reported that the price of all badges and such went up by $1.00.


Joe reported that one member had  transferred and he also submitted the applications for three new members: Bruce H. Lane, Ned A. Lane and Gregory S. Lane.  Membership committee was: Bob Yeager, Bob Shaffer and Ron Albert.  He also reported that we are the second largest Camp in Pennsylvania.


Joe made a motion that the Camp take a ½ page ad in the Department Encampment Book.  Ron Albert seconded and all were in favor.


Joe received a call from the West Side Elementary School about another Essay Contest.  He emphasized that it would be for the 8th grade only and all entries must be in by April 13th.  Prizes would be savings bonds: $100 for 1st place and $50 for 2nd and 3rd places.  The Camp Commander and Auxiliary President will read and judge essays.


Secretary Shaffer reported that the Grand Review will be held in Harrisburg the same weekend as our Department Encampment.  A parade, living histories, etc are planned. 


Joe reported that the Encampment will be held in Gettysburg on June 8 - 11.  He also added that we need more members to attend.  The Campfire Program will be held at the Pennsylvania Monument on Friday evening.  Buses will be provided.  A Civil War Band from Philadelphia will play.


Commander Jones reported that the April meeting would fall on Holy Thursday and the Ladies also suggested we move our meeting to April 13th.  All were in favor.


Joe Long suggested we March in the St. Patrick's Day parade.  No decision made.


The Mahoney’s made a dual dues payment, so instead taking a refund they donated the money to the Camp.


A suggestion was made to get a head start on the inventory from Carl Miller’s Estate.


The 50/50 drawing was won by Ron Albert who donated his winnings to the Camp.


With no further business, questions or discussion, a motion to adjourn was made by Joe Long  and seconded by Russ P. Jones.  All were in favor.


Respectfully Submitted,

Robert C. Shaffer