May 18, 2000


The meeting was called to order by Commander Phil C. Jones, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Other members in attendance were:

Joe Long Bob Yeager Bob Shaffer Russ P. Jones Russ W. Jones


The minutes from the March meeting were approved as read.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Russ W. Jones and seconded by Russ P. Jones.  All were in favor.



Joe Long read the financial report with the following information:

     End Balance was $2,954.79

     Help members fund $244.00

     106 Members have paid their dues

     April ticket winner was Debbie Kusmack

     May ticket winner was Josephine Keller


A motion to accept the Financial report was made by Bob Shaffer and seconded by Bob Yeager.   All were in favor and the report was referred to the audit committee.



The essays were reviewed and sent back to the school.


Miller Family - Joe picked up 12 more artillery shells.  They will get back to Joe when they have more ready.  Members involved for the first inventory were: Bob Shaffer, Joe Long, Russ P. Jones, Russ W. Jones, Ron Albert and Bob Yeager.  Auxiliary member Danielle Shaffer was also present.  June 22nd or 29th will be our next get together.


Memorial Day is all set.  John M. Hart III will be the bugler.  The school in Dunmore wanted $15.00 for their student to attend.  This was dropped in favor of one bugler.


Camp Luncheon - September 23rd is the date and Marvelous Muggs is the place.  The lunch will cost between $8.95 and $12.95.  A discussion was also held on the idea of getting a speaker.


Joe Long spoke on the idea of the telephone for the museum.  He suggested that we have a six month experiment to see if it will work. 


By-Laws - Seems they look like they are on the Grand Army.  The acting secretary read the by-laws.  By a majority vote, the reading was suspended by a motion by Don Cahoon seconded by Bob Yeager.


Joe Long submitted a bill for $39.67 for the electricity for next door.  Motion to pay the bill made by Russ P. Jones and seconded by Don Cahoon.  All were in favor.



Associate Member Arthur B. Everett was approved for membership by Bob Yeager, Russ W. Jones and Joe Long.


Secretary Shaffer made some certificates that will be used for associates.  One was picked with some minor changes.  Will be brought up again in June.


Russ P. Jones brought up the idea of appointing someone to watch for artifacts for sale and to them the authority to make purchases on the Camp’s behalf.  Another discussion will be held at the Memorial Association meeting.


With no further business, questions or discussion, a motion to adjourn was made by Joe Long  and seconded by Phil Jones.  All were in favor.


Respectfully Submitted,

Russ P. Jones for

Robert C. Shaffer