June 15, 2000


The meeting was called to order by Commander Phil C. Jones, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Other members in attendance were:

Joe Long Ron Albert Bob Shaffer Russ P. Jones


The minutes from the May meeting were approved as read.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Russ P. Jones and seconded by Ron Albert.  All were in favor.



Joe Long read the financial report with the following information:

     End Balance was $2,954.79

     110 Members have paid their dues

     All other information held to September


A motion to accept the Financial report was made by Bob Shaffer and seconded by Bob Yeager.   All were in favor and the report was referred to the audit committee.  Frank Keenan has been notified about his dues and about bringing books back to Museum.



Essay winners will be reported at September meeting.


Joe Long reported that he represented Carl Miller at the Memorial Service held at the Department Encampment.  He also reported that the Miller family was pleased with the Memorial Ad placed in the Encampment Book.  Joe also picked up a lot of artillery shells and artifacts from the Miller home.


Russ P. Jones reported that Memorial Day Services went well.  Chris Conforti was not there to give the Gettysburg Address.  No copy available so it was suggested that someone carry a copy in the event we should need it again.  There was also a good turn out, probably 50 people or more.


Luncheon - will be held on September 23, 2000 at Marvelous Muggs.  Camps Bradbury and Harrisburg will be contacted to join us.  The Museum will be open afterwards and we are also planning the re-dedication of CinC Danny Wheeler’s grave in the Avoy Cemetery.


We will hold further discussion on the phone in September.


A motion was made by Bob Shaffer and seconded by Ron Albert to send the By-Laws as is to the Department.  All were in favor.  Changes could be made at a later date if needed.


The changes to the Associate Certificates were made by Secretary Shaffer.  A motion to accept them was made by Joe Long and seconded by Ron Albert.  All were in favor.


Secretary Shaffer presented the Camp with a copy of the Department Encampment Proceedings from 1999.



An application for membership for Robert Sweeney Jr. was presented.  A committee of Ron Albert, Russ P. Jones and Joe Long approved the application.


Russ P. Jones reported that the Department Encampment had ten (10) delegates from Camp #8:  Joe Long, Bob Shaffer, Russ P. Jones, Russ W. Jones, Commander Phil Jones, Ron Albert, Arthur Everett, Victor Fox, CinC Danny Wheeler and Lee Stone.  Russ also reported that PCC and Secretary Shaffer was appointed to Department Jr. Vice Commander.  Secretary Shaffer presented the Camp with a Certificate for attaining its membership goal for the year of at least seven (7) new members.


Joe Long reported that the Department Mid-Year meeting will be held in October and all Camp Secretaries are urged to attend.


Secretary Shaffer presented receipts for $78.25 for supplies and to replenish his account.


Another inventory session will be held on June 29th at 6:30 p.m.


July 4th at Nay Aug Park - Commander Jones will sit with the dignitaries, Joe will carry the GAR flag and Russ P. Jones will carry the Spanish American War flag.  Be there by 10:30 a.m.


Joe Long made a motion to purchase a 6 or 8 foot folding table to be used in the other meeting room.  The motion was seconded by Bob Shaffer and all were in favor.  It was also noted that Joe should use his discretion on the size of the table.


Russ P. Jones led a discussion on the idea of having copies of the Camp Records (minutes and financial reports) and correspondence placed in other locations such as Historical Society and Department.  Secretary Shaffer suggested that we appoint a Press Correspondent to help with getting information to the appropriate people for the Department Newsletter and The Banner.  Now with other duties to fulfill, it is hard for him to keep up with these things.


With no further business, questions or discussion, a motion to adjourn was made by Bob Shaffer and seconded by Joe Long.  All were in favor.


Respectfully Submitted,

Robert C. Shaffer