September 16, 2004


The meeting was called to order by Commander Howard Wolfe and was opened following The Rituals and Ceremonies guideline.

Other members in attendance were:

Ron Albert Bob Azzarelli Frost Decker John M. Hart Jr.
Jeff Krause Joe Long Bob Sulger Ray Sulger
Scott Teeters Douglas Teeters Mike Grayson Howard Wolfe


As no one had a copy of the minutes from the June meeting, the financial report was read with the following information:

     June ticket winner - Joe Coleman

     July ticket winner - MaryJo Long

     August ticket winner - Gigio Bazzarra

     End Balance as of Sept. 6 is $2,224.55.


A motion to accept was made by Mike Grayson and seconded by Ron Albert.  All were in favor.



Associate member James Foley has been changed to full member as his lineage paperwork has been forwarded.


A previous member, Steven Long, has rejoined the Camp.  A Motion to accept was made by John Hart and 2nd by Bob Sulger.  A vote was taken and all were in favor.


John Hart presented applications for four new members.  One hereditary and 3 associated members.  The ratio was checked and found to be in order.  They are Rev. Charles P. Connor, Joseph G. Kelly, Mark J. Kahn and James Paul Florence.


July 4th members attended the ceremonies at Nay Aug Park sponsored by the Marine Corps League.  In attendance representing Camp #8 and the SVR were Howard Wolfe, Joe Long, Jeff Krause, and Bob Sulger.  Flag Bearers were John Hart and Ray Sulger served as Honor Guard for the General’s flag.  Representing Ladies Auxiliary #10 were Mary Jo Long and Mary Rose Sulger.


At the National Encampment a recognition award was presented to John M. Hart Jr. by CIC Kent Armstrong for his recruitment efforts in establishing our SVR unit.


Also at the National Encampment John Hart asked for a grant for monument restoration and was given a check for $500.


John Hart also proposed a National lesson for 5th graders that would provide a data base in the future of potential members.  The members seemed very interested in the idea.


April 2nd will be the rededication of the Sheridan Monument at Spruce and Adams Streets in Scranton.


Oct. 16th will be a High School Band Competition at the Scranton High School Stadium at 1:00 pm.  The winner is to be given a trip to Gettysburg on Remembrance Day, Nov. 20.


Nov. 7th at 2pm at the Lackawanna Historical Society a Painting of Sgt. Ben Crippen will be presented and all members of Camp #8 are asked to attend.  1pm new members will be inducted.


The “Standard,” the new newsletter will be sent out 4 times a year to all members of Camp #8 and Auxiliary #10.  It will include information for camp members, auxiliary and SVR.


The need to update our website was mentioned so our members that use the Internet can be up to date on what is happening in our Camp.  Commander Wolfe will contact Bob Baker on what needs to be done.


The recent “Tank Walk” from Dunmore to Jessup was discussed.  Bob Sulger represented the Sons at this event.


Election of offices will be held at the November meeting.  Joe Long said we will need someone to take the position of Junior Vice Commander and a new Patriotic Instructor will be needed as he has moved out of the area.  Installation will be at the December meeting to be held at Cosgrove’s Clubhouse on Green Ridge Street in Scranton.


The Ladies were asked to join us to discuss the upcoming Dept. Encampment in June.


Many positions still need to be filled for the Encampment and we need everyone to help.


A motion was made to have Dunmore Publishing to the Encampment Book was made by Joe Long and 2nd by Ray Sulger.  All were in favor.


The Auxiliary made a suggestion that our annual Dec. meeting/Xmas party be held somewhere other than the Museum because of space and the fact that they made the food, and bring it in to set it up, clean it up and take the dirty dishes home.  It was decided that this was a good idea and we would have it at Cosgrove’s, as he is a member of the Camp.  It will start at 6:30 instead of 7:00 so we can take care of business and installation of officers and have a nice evening.


The Auxiliary informed us that in June the President and Vice President of Auxiliary #10 resigned.  Because of that, their first order of business after returning from the summer break was to appoint 2 members to those positions.  Mary Rose Sulger was chosen as President and Judy Wolfe was chosen as Vice President.


Camp #8 would like to wish them both the best of luck and congratulations in their new positions.


With no further business a motion was made by Mike Grayson to adjourn and 2nd by Bob Sulger.



Respectfully Submitted,

Raymond Sulger for