November 18, 2004


The meeting was called to order in ritualistic fashion by Commander Howard Wolfe after which he asked for a roll call of Officers.


Other members in attendance were:

Alan Sweeney Ray Sulger Mike Grayson John Hart Joe Long
Bob Sulger Frost Decker Scott Teeters Douglas Teeters Bob Azzarelli


The minutes from the October meeting were read and approved by a motion made by John Hart and seconded by Mike Grayson.  All were in favor.



Joe Long read the financial report with the following information:

     A donation of $20 was received by a man from West Side for use of Library (Joe will get name and let Secretary Shaffer know)

     Balance as of November 1 was $2,439.42

     October 30 ticket winner was Russ P. Jones

     8 members have paid their dues


A motion was made to accept report by John Hart and seconded by Bob Sulger.  All were in favor.



John Hart reported that he met with Restaurant staff and the menu is set for the Christmas party to be held at Cosgrove’s on Thursday, 9 December.


Joe Long reported that the Site Committee would be at the Radisson in April to finalize plans for rooms for the Encampment.  He has also sent letters to all National Officers of the Allied Orders requesting they come to the Encampment.  More discussion to be held at upcoming meetings.  He also mentioned that after January 1st we should actively pursue an ad campaign for the Encampment booklet.



Treasurer Long sent a check to the Wyoming Valley Civil War Roundtable for a subscription for the upcoming year.



John Hart reported that two of our members Sean and Joseph McGraw, had just lost a sister and suggested the Chaplain send a card of sympathy to them.  Joe Long has made a motion that the Camp establish a card of sympathy in which a contribution of not more than $5 would be made to the SUV Foundation in memory of the deceased members’ family member, that family member being a member of the immediate family member of the brother of the Camp and/or Auxiliary member.  The card would also be used as a sign of sympathy at the discretion of the Camp Commander.  John Hart seconded and all were in favor.  John Hart, who is owner/publisher of Dunmore Publishing, volunteered to make the cards and get them to the Chaplain.


Commander Wolfe turned over the gavel to Joe Long to hold the election of Officers.  At this time, being there are no other nominations and there was only one nomination per Office, John Hart asked that the Secretary cast his one vote to close the nominations by acclimation.  Secretary Shaffer then did so and nominations of Officers were then closed and the gavel was returned to Commander Wolfe.


John Hart, Captain of the SUV, gave a brief synopsis of the itinerary that the SUV members would follow for Remembrance Day at Gettysburg.  Refreshments for Friday evening would be compliments of Captain Hart and Adjutant Alan Sweeney.  John also reported that 8 year old Patrick Foley was the first cadet from Lackawanna County to join the Fife and Drum Corp of which most of the 14 members are from Wayne County.  He wants to get as many youth from the area to join the Corp as possible.


John Hart reported that this would cost the SUV approximately $1000 to get the Fife and Drum Corp to Gettysburg.  He also asked that the Camp contribute to help with transportation and a deficit of about $200 would be needed at this time.  Joe Long made a motion that the Camp make a contribution of not more than $200 to help with this matter.  Ray Sulger seconded and all were in favor.  John noted that if contributions raised met the total cost, this contribution would not be needed.  Commander Wolfe discussed the feasibility of this being an annual event and how we should budget for this in upcoming years.  More discussion to follow.


Mike Grayson raised the issue of using the drums, after refurbishment, in the Museum by the Fife and Drum Corp.  After lengthy discussion about the age of the drums and possibility of accidental breakage, it was decided that the issue would be taken to the Memorial Association for review of using them on certain occasions.


Commander Wolfe continued with a discussion on the future of the Museum.  This included the raising of funds, membership and keeping alive the memory of all our deceased Brothers.


Joe Long made a motion to suspend the payment by the Camp for registration of Camp members going to this years’ Encampment.  This suspension would only be for Encampments held in Scranton in 2005 or those to be held in Scranton at a later date.


With no further business, questions or comments, the Camp was closed in ritualistic fashion at 8:30 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Robert C. Shaffer