April 15, 2010 


The meeting was called to order by Commander Raymond Sulger in ritualistic manner followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a Roll Call of Officers.  


Other members in attendance were:

Bob Shaffer Joe Long Craig Kelly Douglas Teeters David Teeters
Dale Keklock Scott Teeters Howard Wolfe Frost Decker Joseph Ferrara
Bob Gregory Clark Myers Mike Grayson Bob Baker Justin Swan
  Rich Ryczak   Homer Butler  


The minutes from the March meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Mike Grayson and seconded by Homer Butler.  All were in favor.



Joe Long read the financial report with the following information:                    

     End Balance as of April -  $3,235.72 (after Per Capita of $2,259.00)

     Help Money - $192.00


A motion to accept this report was made by Mike Grayson and seconded by Bob Gregory.  All were in favor.


At this time, Commander Sulger interrupted the meeting to initiate new member Justin Swan.


Secretary Shaffer presented 4 General Orders from the Department Secretary.



Commander Sulger commented on the presentation given by Camp Member Gary Roche, Camp Member and great-great-grandson of Patrick DeLacy, Medal of Honor recipient during the Civil War.  The first part of his presentation was about the Medal of Honor and the second was about Gettysburg and his ancestor.


Craig Kelly gave a brief report on the Girl Scouts and their visit to the Museum and subsequent involvement in our Memorial Day Program.   The Girl Scouts will march with the Delaney-DeLacy Guard and Dunmore High School Band,  to the Civil War plot and one of the girls will be giving the Gettysburg Address.


Joe Long suggested that we have a general clean-up of the Museum on May 15, 2010, one week prior to the Open House to dust, sweep, mop, etc.  Everyone participating should be at the Museum by 9:00 am.



Because of the Appomattox Day Luncheon in Williamsport, Scott and Dave Teeters will be at the Museum for the Open House.  Anyone else that could be there would be greatly appreciated.


Scott Teeters also brought up that the uniforms in the windows in the Museum should be protected from the sun’s rays.  He suggested putting a protective coating on the windows to protect the integrity of the items.  Howard Wolfe, acting on behalf of the Memorial Association and Camp, will check on prices to have this type of work done by a professional.  Mike Grayson also suggested that we contact City Hall to make sure they would not have a problem having this done.


Bob Baker suggested that we contact Gary Francis and have the filters in the wall heaters replaced to keep down dust on the articles.


Scott Teeters commented on fundraisers to help the Museum.  While visiting the Museum, John Golden, a member of the Civil War Round Table in Dallas said they had chartered busses to historic places which gave Scott the idea.  He stated that if we could go to Gettysburg, maybe we could approach Gary Roche to be our tour guide.  A weekend in early September could be a possibility.  Discussion followed with many ideas, one of which was opening the tour to the general public as well as Camp members.  Joe Long will check with Gary and get information.  Commander Sulger suggested that we make up fliers and post them in local businesses and libraries.  Joe and Scott will confer further on this subject and report back at the next meeting.



The 50/50 drawing was won by Bob Shaffer.


With no further business, questions or discussion, a motion to adjourn was made and the meeting was closed in ritualistic manner.



Respectfully Submitted,

Robert C. Shaffer