April 14, 2011


The meeting was called to order in ritualistic order by Commander Robert Sulger followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a Roll Call of Officers.


Other members in attendance were:

Bob Shaffer Joe Long Craig Kelly Steve Thompson
Douglas Teeters Scott Teeters David Teeters Ray Sulger
Howard Wolfe Russ Jones Dale Keklock Jerry Skotleski


Absentee officer: Sr. Vice Commander, Frost Decker.


Commander Sulger thanked the Camp for the sympathy card sent by Chaplain Teeters.


The minutes for the March meeting were read and a motion to accept, after a few corrections, was made by Ray Sulger and seconded by Dale Keklock.  All were in favor.  



Joe Long read the financial report with the following information:

     March 19th Ticket Winner - John Brogna

     Help Members Fund - $217.00 



Armed Forces Day Parade spokesman Ray Sulger reported that he has not received any information at this time.  Patriotic Instructor Craig Kelly circulated a sign-in sheet for the Parade.  Commander Sulger reiterated that any member of the Camp and Auxiliary can march in the parade.


Appomattox Luncheon - Joe Long reported that the Luncheon was attended by at least 50 members and all went well.  Scott Teeters reported that the facilities were set up well and everyone had a great time.  They also got a firsthand look as to the accommodations for the Encampment.


Ray Sulger reminded members attending the Pennsylvania Department Encampment that they would need a Credential Card on file.  Please contact Secretary Shaffer with name if attending.


Joe Long reported that a Testimonial is being planned for Department Commander Wolfe sometime in September.  More information at a later date.


At this time, Commander Sulger asked the Ladies to join us for a joint discussion on Memorial Day.  He first thanked the Ladies for a job well done after the Appomattox Luncheon.  He also asked if they would be interested in the Armed Forces Day Parade with the Camp and SVR.


Memorial Day - Guest Speaker will be former Mayor David Wenzel.  Dunmore Band will be there.  All information concerning Memorial Day must be submitted to Howard Wolfe as soon as possible so that the Program can be completed.  Ray Sulger added that anyone interested may join the SVR in the march to the Veterans' Plot.  Mary Jo Long will furnish a name for the Gettysburg Address.  A members of the Ladies Auxiliary will read Logan's Orders.  Craig Kelly asked about refreshments after the Service, but because there are other events, this idea was dropped.  The SVR maybe going to the Forest Hill Cemetery.


A discussion ensued about a banner for the Camp and Auxiliary to be carried at upcoming events.  Cost was an issue due to the costs to arise from the upcoming Encampment.  Commander Sulger volunteered to pay the cost because he thinks it would be an appropriate means to show the people who we are.  Howard Wolfe was asked if he could make any suggestions and he informed the members that he could probably make a banner 3 feet by 6 feet with two logos for a cost of $25.00.  A motion to acquire the banner was made by Commander Sulger and all were in favor.  The Ladies were then excused.



Ray Sulger presented a sign-up sheet for the 160th Sesquicentennial Badge offered by the National Organization.  He reported that if we purchase in bulk, the cost would be $5.00, less then the $12.50 advertised on the website.  Joe Long suggested that the Camp purchase 25 medals.  A motion to purchase was made by Bob Shaffer and seconded by Ray Sulger.  All were in favor.


Ray Sulger reported that the Taylor Historical Society will be hosting an event at the Taylor Cemetery on July 10th, 2011, at 1pm honoring a Revolutionary and Civil War veteran.  All members are invited to attend.


Joe Long suggested that $300.00 be donated by the Camp to the Encampment Site Committee to help with costs of the upcoming Encampment.  Ray Sulger made a motion and Bob Shaffer seconded.  All were in favor.


Open House is April 16th: Joe Long, Ray Sulger, Craig and Dorothy Kelly, and Bob Shaffer.  Jerry Skotleski will be bringing some students from the Scranton High School.



Secretary Shaffer read General Orders from the Commander-in-Chief and the Department Commander.



Patriotic Instructor Craig Kelly read a Civil War Timeline, April 1861 to 1865.


Dale Kelock informed the members that the movie, The Conspirator, will be playing shortly.

With no further business, questions or discussion, a motion to adjourn was made and all were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert C. Shaffer