April 19, 2012  


The meeting was called to order in ritualistic fashion by Commander Robert A. Sulger Jr.


Other members in attendance were:


Bob Shaffer Ray Sulger Joe Long Howard Wolfe
Dale Keklock Bob Gregory Mike Grayson Craig Kelly
Doug Teeters Dave Teeters Scott Teeters Giovan Lisi


Sr. Vice Commander Decker was absent.


The minutes for the March meeting read and approved.  A motion was made to accept the minutes as read by Mike Grayson and seconded by Bob Gregory.  All were in favor.


The financial report was read by Joe Long with the following information:

No March ticket winner #548

Help money was $236.00

A motion to accept was made by Mike Grayson and 2nd by Dale Keklock.  All were in favor



John L. Bedell - Brother Bedell's unanimous acceptance was attained by use of the ballot system.  This is the first time this procedure has been used since the Camp was re-organized.



Wayne County Memorial Restoration - Thank you letter has been received.


Hamlin Library invited Camp to participate in Local History Day on September 15th.


Thank you card from Sister Christine Schaefer on passing of Brother John Schaefer.



Joe Long reminded the members that Secretary Shaffer needs a count on how many will be attending the Department Encampment so that he may fill our Credential and Pre-Registrations Cards.  So far, Joe Long, Howard Wolfe, Craig Kelly, Scott and David Teeters will be attending.


Scott Teeters informed the Camp that the Ramada Inn is filling up fast and so to get your reservations made as soon as possible.  He also said that there are only a limited amount or refrigerators and microwaves available.


Appomattox Luncheon is on the 21st of April.


Scott Teeters asked when the Flags would be replaced at the local cemeteries.  The date, April 28th was agreed upon and everyone is to meet at the Museum at 10am.  Dunmore, Forest Hill and Cathedral Cemeteries will be done.


Craig Kelly suggested that we collect old flags at the Museum and Scott Teeters reported that he would get them to local Boy Scouts for proper disposal.  Mike Grayson said we could also contact the Marine Corps League sometime in the June time frame.


Meetings will be held on May 17th, June 14th, September 20th.  No meetings in July or August.  Open Houses will be held on May 19th, day of the Armed Forces Parade, June 16th, July 21st, August 18th and September 22nd.



Commander Sulger asked the Ladies to join in on the Memorial Day discussion. 

Everyone should arrive at the Cemetery by at least 9:45am.


Dunmore Borough is celebrating their 150th Anniversary on the same day.  Commander Sulger advised all Camp members that they are also 9invited to march with the SVR.


Local History Day at Hamlin.  Auxiliary member Daunyel Shaffer asked for donations for help in making this day successful.


Craig Kelly, Patriotic Instructor, suggested that a recording device be attained to help when Secretary Shaffer cannot make the meeting.  A discussion followed and this item was dropped.  He also reported that at the next meeting we will have a Ritual for Departed Members of the Camp.  This has not been done in many years.  He will pass out the ritual pages at the next meeting.  Secretary Shaffer has supplied Brother Kelly with a list of departed Members.


50/50 drawing was won by Mike Grayson.


With no further business, questions or discussion, the meeting was closed in ritualistic manner.  


                          Respectfully submitted,

Robert C. Shaffer