May 17, 2012  


The meeting was called to order in ritualistic fashion by Commander Robert A. Sulger Jr.


Other members in attendance were:


Bob Shaffer Ray Sulger Joe Long Howard Wolfe
Dale Keklock Bob Gregory Mike Grayson Craig Kelly
Doug Teeters Dave Teeters Scott Teeters Frost Decker
Steve Thompson      


Commander Sulger then deviated from the normal meeting to the Ceremony for Departed Brothers as hosted by Craig Kelly, the Patriotic Instructor.  Those honored were as followed:


Perry G. Fuller, 1999 Carl G. Miller, 1999 Edward Walter, 1999
Clifton R. Moore, 2001 Edgar A. Neville, 2001 Frederic R. Leber, 2002
Gerald Lynady, 2002 John F. Storm, 2002 Phillip J. Clifford, 2003
George H. Transue, 2003 Donald J. Trotter, 2003 Alfred F. Conforti, 2004
John W. Harrison, 2004 Russell W. Jones, 2004 Ronald L. Albert, 2005
Donald B. Cahoon Jr., 2005 Robert Long, 2005 John J. Coval, 2006
Fred S. Smith, 2008 Alan H. Sweeney, 2008 John W. Ferry Jr., 2009
Thomas J. Gaughan, 2009 John M. May, 2009 Perry T. Fuller, 2011
John W. Schaefer, 2012 Robert E. Sweeney Sr., 2012  


The meeting was then continued and opened.

The minutes for the April meeting read and approved.  A motion was made to accept the minutes as read by Mike Grayson and seconded by Steve Thompson.  All were in favor.


The financial report was read by Joe Long with the following information:

March ticket winner was Arlington Phillips

April ticket winner was Ray Sulger

Help money was $236.00

A motion to accept was made by Mike Grayson and 2nd by Frost Decker.  All were in favor



Frost Decker reported that the cleanup of the Shawnee Cemetery went well.  The Cemetery Association thanked the Camp for the donation of the Grave Markers.  Frost will also contact Luzerne County for more markers.


Commander Sulger suspended the meeting and asked the Ladies to join us for a discussion on Memorial Day.  Howard Wolfe read off the participants.  No guest speaker as of yet.  Joe and Howard will check to see if they can get one.


Joe Long requested more members attend the Open House on Saturday because of the Armed Forces Day Parade.


Ray Sulger reported that the balloting for applicants was by majority rule.  It was stated that one black ball would dismiss the applicant.  Definition was found in the Rituals and Ceremony Book.


Steve Thompson asked if the speaker system was checked.  Craig Kelly checked and it is in good working order.  He also asked if someone could ask the man across the street to not trim his hedges during the ceremony.  Some would have to drive over and ask him.


Craig Kelly initiated a discussion as to how everything would be taken to the Cemetery.  Scott will have the chairs there by 9:30am, Joe will take the wreaths, Ray will get the Podium and Craig will take the Flags.  All members should be there by 9:30am to help set up the chairs.



Craig Kelly, the Patriotic Instructor suggested the Camp buy a regulation American Flag for the Ladies.  A motion was made by Joe Long and seconded by Mike Grayson.  All were in favor.  Craig and Scott found a Women's Relief Corps Staff that could be adapted to hold the flag.  Scott repaired the Eagle for the staff.  A suggestion was made to give them the Flag donated by Scott Teeters' Church.  A new 35 or 36 Star Flag would be procured for the Museum.  Joe and Howard will get prices on the stand, clasps and fringes.  The motion for the purchase of the Flag was then dropped.


Commander Sulger then thanked Craig Kelly for a job well done on the Departed Members Ceremony.  Craig then added that he would not have been able to accomplish this task without the help of Secretary Bob Shaffer, Chaplain Scott Teeters, Guide Steve Thompson and Color Guard Doug Teeters.  He also thanked Commander Sulger and Sr. Vice Commander Frost Decker for their participation.


50/50 drawing was won by Steve Thompson.


With no further business, questions or discussion, the meeting was closed in ritualistic manner.  


                          Respectfully submitted,

Robert C. Shaffer