October 17, 2013  


The meeting was called to order in ritualistic fashion by Commander Frost Decker.


Other members in attendance were:

Bob Shaffer Joe Long Howard Wolfe Dale Keklock
Craig Kelly Doug Teeters Dave Teeters Scott Teeters
Giovan Lisi Dan Kachinski Bob Gregory Harold Myers


Guest: Harry Mertz and Sam Moss


The minutes for the September meeting read and approved.  A motion was made to accept the minutes as read by Craig Kelly and seconded by Dale Keklock.  All were in favor.


The financial report was read by Joe Long with the following information:

     Help money was $235.00

     September Ticket Winner - Faye Carlisle


A motion to accept was made by Dave Teeters and seconded by Bob Gregory.  All were in favor.


David Sheridan Quay


Commander Decker then appointed a committee of Scott Teeters, Bob Gregory and Howard Wolfe to review new member application and they found it to be satisfactory.



Scott Teeters gave a brief summary of the presentation in Tunkhannock.  They met with retirees from Proctor and Gamble.  Artifacts were shown and they talked about the Sons and the Museum.  They were invited to come down to tour the Museum.  Dave Teeters gave a presentation of the loading and firing of a Springfield rifle.  They gave a donation of $50.00 to the Museum.


Joe Long reported that on November 7th, 2013, a group from the Adult Education Class from Marywood University would be at the Museum.  He also asked for volunteers to help with the Open House on Saturday, October 19th.  A cleaning detail will also be needed and it was decided that they would meet at 11:00am on Saturday, before the Open House, to do the Cleaning and dusting.


Further discussion was held about changing/dropping a meeting night during the winter, preferably March.  Craig Kelly made a motion to poll the Members to see if they would be in agreement to drop the March meeting.  Dan Kachinski seconded and all were in favor.  Commander Decker suspended the meeting to invite the Ladies in to get their views.  A discussion ensued and it was agreed upon to try this to see what the outcome would be.  Ladies President Jane Wagner also brought up the Christmas Party that would be held at the 6 East Diner in Dickson City with the cost between $9.99 and $15.00 per person.  They will get further info on the menu and report back at the next meeting.  The Ladies returned to their room and the meeting was then resumed.


Craig Kelly amended his motion to include a contingency plan on how to contact Members in the case of inclement weather.  A phone tree was discussed.  The Commander called for a show of hands and the motion was passed.



Scott Teeters asked how the contingency pan would work and if possible, could we have it announced on a local radio station.  Joe Long suggested we have a list of three people in different areas and each person would contact a certain number of Members in that area.  He also suggested that we have a person in charge to make a decision as to having the meeting postponed.  It was decided to have the Commander as this person.  If he was not available, it would go down the chain to Senior Vice, Junior Vice, and so on.


Craig Kelly suggested that we contact the core members first since they are the ones that attend the meetings every month.  A notice would also be sent out by e-mail by Secretary Shaffer.


Treasurer Joe Long presented his budget for the upcoming year.  He reported drops in the Treasurer expense and postage and the inclusion of the higher cost of the website.  Dan Kachinski asked if we could invest the CD's in some other way.  He also asked if there was any other way to add to income for the Camp and Museum.


Commander Decker then recognized guests, Harry Mertz and Sam Moss of the Archbald Historical Society.


Patriotic Instructor Dave Teeters gave a presentation of the Gettysburg Address and this was followed by member Giovan Lisi presentation on General Winfield Scott Hancock.



Commander Decker gave some background on his ancestor, who fought under General Hancock and how Hancock, NY got its name.


With no further business, questions or discussion, the meeting was closed in ritualistic manner.


                          Respectfully submitted,

 Robert C. Shaffer