February 20, 2016  

The meeting was called to order in ritualistic fashion by Commander Craig Kelly.


Other members in attendance were:

Bob Shaffer Joe Long Dave Teeters Giovan Lisi
Hal Myers Gerard O'Malley Darren Pitts Dale Keklock
Chester Kowalski Scott Teeters Bob Strangfeld Bob Baker
Bob Gregory

 Guest:  Harry Mertz


The minutes for the January meeting were read.  A motion was made to accept the minutes by Hal Myers and seconded by Bob Strangfeld.  All were in favor.


The financial report was read by Joe Long with the following information:

Help money was $241.00

January No Winner ticket #397

11 Member have not paid their dues


 Commander Kelly asked Joe Long to give a breakdown of how our dues are divided.  He also explained the expenditure of ticket money and the help member fund.


A motion to accept was made by Hal Myers and seconded by Bob Gregory.   All were in favor.



Mark Zurinski, had surgery, but is home now and out Commander-in-Chief, Eugene G. Mortoff, who had a mild stroke.



James Paul Jones


Secretary Shaffer introduced our new member, Bob Strangfeld.



G.O. #13, Banner Editor and D.O. #8, IRS 990 Form and Form 11.



Joe Long reported that we should now start thinking about Memorial Day.  Commander Kelly emphasized that the Ceremony would be on May 30, 2016 at the Dunmore Cemetery at 10:30.  All members should be there by 10:00 to help with set-up.


Commander Kelly also reported that the Communication Devices, such as used at the Dunmore Cemetery Tour have been researched.  A hand-out was available to see what they were like.  A total of 3 units with extra sanitary covers will be purchased.



Bob Baker suggested that the Camp consider a showing of Glory at the Dietrich Theater in Tunkhannock.  We could set up a uniformed recruiting table for a membership drive.  The Ladies would also be asked to join us in period clothing.  The Color Guard and Rifleman would also be present.  The date suggested was May 28, 2016 with and alternate of May 29th.  Anyone with a uniform could wear them.  Scott Teeters also suggested that a spokesperson be available before the showing to introduce us and what we do.  All were in favor.  A Committee of Bob Baker, Hal Myers, Scott Teeters, Dale Keklock and Joe Long were tasked with gathering all the info


Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. followed by an Open House from 12 to 3 p.m. 

Commander Kelly asked for a volunteer for Eagle Scout Coordinator and Camp Welfare Committee.  Secretary Shaffer read job descriptions for both.  No volunteers.  Senior Vice Commander Hal Myers stated we should be someone for these positions that has the time to fulfill this obligation.             



The Ladies were then asked to join us.  Patriotic Instructor Darren Pitts gave a brief history of Union Defender Day, set as G.O. #17 as a celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  He also gave a talk on the 52nd Pennsylvania Volunteers from the Bates Book from February 18, 1865.  Bob Baker remarked that the 52nd had major local ties to the area.


Giovan Lisi reported on his presence at the 2015 Remembrance Day Parade and other festivities.  He carried the Camp Flag in the parade.  He brought back a Banner and he and the Patriotic Instructor placed it on the Camp Flag.

Hal Myers, Graves Registration Officer gave a brief talk on his duties and what he does in this position.  He thanked Brothers Shaffer, O’Malley, Zurinski and Sisters Zurinski and Shaffer for their help in getting all these records researched.

A motion to adjourn was made by Secretary Shaffer and seconded by Hal Myers.  All were in favor.

The 50/50 drawing was won by Bob Strangfeld and he returned his winnings to the Camp.

With no further business, questions or discussion, the meeting was closed in ritualistic manner.



                          Respectfully submitted,

                 Robert C. Shaffer