May 19, 2016  

The meeting was called to order in ritualistic fashion by Commander Craig Kelly.


Other members in attendance were:

Bob Shaffer Hal Myers Darren Pitts Howard Wolfe
Joe Long Dave Teeters Dale Keklock Mark Zurinski
Scott Teeters Bob Gregory Giovan Lisi James Jones
Bob Strangfeld Gerard O'Malley Doug Teeters

 Guest:  Chris Carty, PDJVC


The minutes for the April meeting were read.  A motion was made to accept the minutes by Hal Myers and seconded by Bob Strangfeld.  All were in favor.


The financial report was read by Joe Long with the following information:

Department Per Capita check not cashed as of yet

April ticket winner #374 - no name given


A motion to accept was made by Bob Strangfeld and seconded by Bob Gregory.   All were in favor.



Joe Long's brother-in-law is no longer in good shape. 

Death of Life member Hugh D. Mahoney Sr.



Jim Jones gave a brief report on his activity as Eagle Scout Coordinator.  He has received documents for 7 presentations for the month of June in Clarks Summit.  He has also introduced himself to the Scout Executives in Northeast Pennsylvania to lay out the program with them.

Commander Kelly thanked all those who attended the President Lincoln Memorial at Nay Aug Park and those who participated in the flag details at Forest Hill and Dunmore cemeteries.

The meeting was then suspended and the Ladies were asked to join us for the Departed Brothers Ceremony.  Those honored were:

William Gangwer, 1941 Edwin E. Betts, 1942 Chester Cammer Jr., 1942 Adam J. Hardwick, 1942 Willard B. Oliver, 1942
M.E. Sanders, 1942 Thomas G. Walsh, 1942 Charles B. Miller, 1943 Frederick W. Zimmerman, 1943 John F. Anderson, 1944
John F. Davis, 1945 John Fitzgerald, 1945 H. J. Hoover, 1945 Frank H. Samson, 1945 Charles A. Burkel, 1946
Thomas J. Fletcher, 1946 Edgar A. Jones, 1946 Charles F. Miller, 1946 Raymond Sulger, 2015 Hugh D. Mahoney Sr., 2016


Commander Kelly reported that Memorial Day is all set and he read the Program.  Marchers to be at the Civil War plot between 9:30 and 10:00am to help with set up and go to the entrance of the cemetery together.  Anyone can march in the procession.  He also talked about the Armed Forces Day parade as a rain or shine event.  Everyone marcjhing is to meet at the Museum between 9:00 and 9;30am on Saturday, May 21st, 2016.  Must be at the staging area at 10:00am.


There was a huge turnout at the Museum for the Open House following the Lincoln Ceremony.  The Mayor and his family also attended.


The Ladies were than thanked for their participation and excused to return to their meeting.



Secretary Shaffer reported that Junior Ladies member Larissa Ellsworth will be in a Toyota Commercial to be aired in the local area.  No time was given as of yet.

Bob Gregory eulogized Brother Raymond Sulger for his commitment to the Organization.

Commander Kelly asked for a raise of hands for the upcoming meeting in June to be held on Thursday, June 16th or Saturday, June 18th.  Majority vote for Thursday evening at 7:00pm.

Joe Long will be donating his collection of Blue and Gray Magazines.  He started with the 1980s and will continue from there.

Commander Kelly reported on the Department Encampment to be held in State College, PA on June 23rd through June 26th, 2016.  The Sons meeting will be held on Saturday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.  Any other information can be seen on the Department website.  He also asked for a show of hands of those attending so that Secretary shaffer can get the appropriate credentials to the members.

Patriotic Instructor Darren Pitts gave a brief report on E. Elmer Ellsworth of the 11th New York Infantry.



Secretary Shaffer reported on a Concert of Patriotic Music to be held in Clarks Summit on May 20th, 2016.  Bob Strangfeld also added it is a free concert and donations are welcome.


With no further business, questions or discussion, the meeting was closed in ritualistic manner.



                          Respectfully submitted,

              Robert C. Shaffer