November 12, 2016  


The meeting was called to order in ritualistic fashion by Commander Craig Kelly.


Other members in attendance were:

Joe Long Hal Myers Bob Shaffer Mark Zurinski
Dale Keklock David Teeters Darren Pitts Jime Jones
Gerard O'Malley Giovan Lisi Jerry Skotleski

Absent: Chaplain Scott Teeters

Guest: George Gyuriska, friend of Giovan Lisi


The minutes for the October meeting were read.  A motion was made to accept the minutes by Hal Myers and seconded by Jim Jones.  All were in favor.


The financial report was read by Joe Long with the following information:

No ticket winner - #899


A motion was made to accept the minutes by Hal Myers and seconded by Giovan Lisi.  All were in favor.



Jerry Skotleski reported that a Boy Scout Troop was interested in having a meeting at the Museum followed by a tour.  The date of December 8th was suggested at 7pm.  He willc heck and get back with Jow.  Joe also asked for volunteers to help and asked them to be there by 6:30pm to help prepare for their visit.



DO #7 Reappointment of Educational Commitee; GO #9 Suspension of General George Wright Camp #1865 member Kenneth S. Tuma



Commander Kelly then set up for the nomination of Officers for 2017.  The following are the nominations:

     Commander - Hal Myers (accepted, all in favor)

     Senior Vice Commander - Mark Zurinksi (accepted, all in favor)

     Junior Vice Commander - Darren Pitts and David Teeters

     Secretary - Bob Shaffer (accepted, all in favor)

     Treasurer - Joe Long (accepted, all in favor)


Because of the two nominations for Junior Vice Commander, a ballot was taken using the marble box with Dave Teers being selected by majority.  He accepted and all were in favor.


Dale Keklock asked about the residency at City Hall and when our lease was up.  A discusion ensued.  Joe Long said that we should be staying, but heard nothing as of yet.  Hal Myers said the local news reported that the city was trying to get out of City Hall and into another building.  Other ideas were suggested but things were tabled and should be re-visited at the next meeting.


Commander Kelly reminded everyone that Remembrance Day is November 19th, 2016.


The next GAR meeting will be held on January 21st, 2017.  The next Camp meeting, by majority vote will be on Saturday, January 21st, 2017 at 10:30am followed by an Open House at 12noon.


Jerry Skotleski said he would not be present for the next meeting because he will be taking some students from the Scranton High School to the Presidential Inauguration.  At this point Joe Long made a motion to donate $100 to the students to help out.  All were in favor.



Hal myers reported that the Library Project is 90% complete and with a projected finishing date of December 31st, 2016.  It was also suggested that we have Darren Pitts contact the author, Brian Keator and maybe have a book signing in the March time frame.  We would then have to contact the media to publicize this event and get the message out to the public.  Maybe we could invite the Mayor, Council, and general pubvlic so that they can see what we are all about.  Jim Jones suggested a community outreach to keep people aware of what is going on.  More discussion to follow.


Hal Myers thanked everyone involved in the Library Project for all their support.


Jim Jones, Eagle Scouts Coordinator spoke of the two applicants from Troop #66 in Dunmore and the Court of Honor that was held in September.  He also spoke of communicating with Ellis Camp #124 in New York to get a dialogue going to get Scouts in that area the recognition they deserve.


With no further business, questions or discussion, the meeting was closed in ritualistic manner.



                          Respectfully submitted,

                 Robert C. Shaffer