March 19, 2022


The Zoom meeting was called to order in ritualistic manner by Commander Jerry Skotleski.

Other members in attendance were:


Bob Shaffer

Jerry O’Malley

Gary Snyder

Tim Chase

Craig Kelly

Dale Keklock

Bill Fischer

Jim Jones

Gary McCutcheon

Officers Excused: SVC Hal Myers; JVC Rich Ryczak; and Treasurer Howard Wolfe

Guest: Danielle Shaffer, Bannon-Long Auxiliary #10


The minutes from the February meeting were read.  A motion was made to accept the minutes as read by Dale Keklock and seconded by Jim Jones.  All were in favor.



There was no Treasurer's Report



There are 83 members on roster as on 19 March.  16 are life members.  20 members have not paid their dues.  1 loss by death and 1 dropped, totaling 81 members on roster.  Deadline to pay dues in April 15th.



Jim Jones noted that 5 young men are in various stages of processing their Eagle Scout applications now that they are picking up as Covid has backed down.  He is seeing more scouts advancing and more eagles coming along.  As he announced at the last meeting, he is the Pennsylvania Eagle Scout Coordinator and this job is working out well.  3 of the 5 men would have not come forward if not for the sharing of information and being contacted individually to apply for our Sons Award.


Jim Jones has contacted people at the University of Scranton on the ROTC Program for the Award battalion and is waiting to hear back from them.


Bill Fischer told members that he will present the Sons award for Air Force cadets at Wilkes University on April 21st.  He has also sent out letters to every ROTC and JROTC in the Commonwealth and has heard back from quite a few.  He explained the Air Force JROTC has reinstated the Sons Award but is not recognized as we’re considered a veterans’ organization.



All General Orders and Department Orders were emailed to members.



Yoder Foundation & Move – The meeting was postponed due to inclement weather.  No reschedule date has been set.


Flag Detail will be held on May 7th with a rain/snow date of May 14th.  Howard Wolfe was in touch with the Lackawanna County, veterans’ affair office and has gotten 300 flags.  Craig Kelly asked about the disposing of flags.  Rich Ryczak took care of them last year.  Commander Skotleski asked that we say the names of those who we are replacing flags of.


Member John Zadzura is getting married on May 14th.  Bill Fischer asked that if we meet in person that we have a card to sign to send to him.



The April meeting – Craig Kelly made a motion that we move our meeting to April 23rd.  This notion was seconded by Bob Shaffer and all were in favor.


Craig Kelly asked the status of us at City Hall.  The Commander has heard nothing but City Hall is open.  He explained that if any member needed to be at the meeting via Zoom that we would have to meet at the Albright Library’s Media Room and a reservation would have to be made.


Lincoln Ceremony – will be held on April 23rd after our April meeting at the Lincoln Monument at Nay Aug Park.  The wreaths are in the meeting room.  Programs from the past have been emailed to the Commander and a new one will be made.


Memorial Day – a speaker is needed.  Auxiliary #10 member Danielle Shaffer suggested asking the Mayor if she would know of anyone.  Commander Skotleski says he will invite Marty Flynn and Kyle Mullins of State Rep District 112 so that they know of our organization.  Commander Skotleski will have to reach out to the Dunmore Band to invite them to our ceremony.  Craig Kelly said that Joe use to send a $20 check for water for band members.  Memorial Day is May 30th and final details have to be done by April 23rd.  Publicity will be done by Hal Myers and Danielle Shaffer.  Commander Skotleski will email Jim Talarico’s number to Danielle and she can give him info for upcoming events.  Bob Shaffer has been in contact with Bill Burns regarding re-enactors.  We no longer have a World War I re-enactor.


Bill Fischer has completed a trifold brochure for recruitment through the Department and has sent it out to all Camps.  There is a spot left open for camps to place info.  Bill asked that 15 to 20 be printed and handed out for Memorial Day.


Bill Fischer is the Newsletter Editor for the Battlecry of Freedom.  He has 2 issues out and is on the Department website under Orders 2021-2022.


Craig Kelly mentioned that the Departed Brothers Ceremony will be held at the May 21st meeting.


The Armed Forces Day Parade is coming up in May and discussion will be held at the April meeting regarding it.



Patriotic Instructor Jerry O’Malley has finished his report and has sent it to the Commander.



Jerry O'Malley gave a discussion on a notable Pennsylvania Civil War person by the name of Simon Cameron who was a Pennsylvania Senator, Secretary of War under Lincoln for a year and then a U.S. Minister to Russia.


With no further business or discussion, the meeting was closed in ritualistic fashion by Commander Skotleski.


Respectfully submitted,

Bob Shaffer