May 21, 2022


The meeting was called to order in ritualistic manner by Commander Jerry Skotleski.

Other members in attendance were:


Bob Shaffer Giovan Lisi Craig Kelly
Howard Wolfe Bill Fischer Rich Ryczak
Dale Keklock

Officers Excused: SVC Hal Myers, Chaplain Tim Chase and Patriotic Instructor Jerry O'Malley

Guests: Danielle Shaffer, Dorothy Kelly, Susan Mertz and Mary Jo Long, Bannon-Long Auxiliary #10; Chris Carty


Minutes from the April meeting were read.  A motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Dale Keklock and seconded by Giovan Lisi, all were in favor. 



No expenditures at this time.  A motion to accept the Treasurer's Report was made by Giovan Lisi and seconded by Rich Ryczak, all were in favor.



No word from Eagle Scout Coordinator Jim Jones.



All General and Department Orders have been emailed to members. 



Flag Detail went well.  All flags were placed at Dunmore and Forest Hill cemeteries.  Detail included: Bob Shaffer, Commander Jerry Skotleski, Jerry O'Malley, Chris Carty, Craig Kelly, Scott Teeters; Bannon-Long Auxiliary #10 Ladies Danielle Shaffer, Susan Mertz and Dorothy Kelly.


Dale Keklock also let us know that he would be doing a Radio Talk on Cemeteries.  It will be recorded on Zoom.  He asked Commander Skotleski to be involved.



Commander Skotleski then suspended the meeting and asked the Ladies to join us for the Departed Brothers Ceremony.  Those brothers honored were: H.E. Riker (1912); Martin V. Seekins Jr. (1912); Edward Simpson (1912); William E. Correll (1913); John T. Howe (1913); George Howell (1913); Jacob Smith (1913); Harry Barrier (1914); Thomas Donnelly (1914); Charles O. Fuller (1914); Charles W. Blume (1915); Frank H. Bogart Jr. (1915); E.J. Colvin (1915); Morgan Davis Jr. (1915); Martin P. Flynn (1915); Robert Jenkins Sr. (1915); Roy A. Reeser (1992); Gerard Roche (2001); William George Lindberg (2022); and George Keith Martin (2022).


The Ladies were asked to stay so that we could cover Memorial Day:  Master of Ceremonies Commander Skotleski, Pledge of Allegiance Brecken and Ander Ehrig, Opening Prayer, Tim Chase or Scott Teeters; Greeting from Ladies Joyce Keklock; Greetings Women’s Relief Corps Susan Mertz; Remarks Commander Skotleski; Dunmore Band; Logan’s Orders Dottie Kelly; Guest Speaker E.J. Murphy; GAR Hal Myers, if present; Mayor of Dunmore Max Conway or William “Trip” O’Malley; Presentation of Wreath Ladies Auxiliary (should be done by then, Commander Skotleski will check with his sister); Gettysburg Address Rich Ryczak; Rifle Salute Bill Burns and Ed Timins; Taps to be done by Jack Partyka. 


Commander Skotleski commented on a job well done by the JAB Memorial Cleaning Service.  They did Dunmore Cemetery last year and followed up with Forest Hill Cemetery this year.  The stones looked great.  A motion to send a donation or $25.00 was made by Craig Kelly and seconded by bob Shaffer, all were in favor.  JAB will also be holding a Fund Raiser at the South Abington Community Park, on May 28, 2022 from 10 am to 5 pm.


A motion to send a donation of $25.00 to the Dunmore Band was made by Giovan Lisi and seconded by Craig Kelly, all were in favor.


After the Nay Aug Ceremony, Commander Skotleski and Craig Kelly spoke with Bob Gattens about the Lincoln Statue and if a Fund Raiser could be held to help with the refurbishment.  Bill Fischer said the time for applying for a Grant has come and gone.  We could help them with a Fund Raiser if needed.  Susan Mertz reported that she has a prospective for the Auxiliary that is good at Fund Raising. 


Craig Kelly was also told by Mr. Gattens that a covered building is available, if it were needed.  He also reported that Charlie Spano is in charge of the Parade of Flags at Nay Aug this year.  If anyone is interested, please contact Craig or commander Skotleski.



Commander Skotleski let us know that the building will be renovated in the near future.  Rich Ryczak told of the Civil War Ball to be held at the Waverly House on June 25, 2022.  You can look up their website for more information.


Our next Meeting will be held on June 11, 2022 at the Museum.  If any changes, members will be notified by e-mail.


A birthday card was given to Secretary Shaffer signed by all present to acknowledge his 70th birthday.


With no further business or discussion, the meeting was closed in ritualistic fashion by Commander Skotleski.


Respectfully submitted,

Bob Shaffer