June 11, 2022


The meeting was called to order in ritualistic manner by Commander Jerry Skotleski.

Other members in attendance were:


Bob Shaffer Howard Wolfe Bill Fischer
Rich Ryczak Dale Keklock Hal Myers
Tim Chase Jerry O'Malley John Zadzura
Jim Jones Gage Sacco Gary Snyder


Minutes from the May meeting were read.  A motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Hal Myers and seconded by Tim Chase, all were in favor. 



Expenditures for May were $25.00 Dunmore Band, $25.00 JAB, and $40.00 Encampment Ad Book. A motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Hal Myers and seconded by John Zadzura, all were in favor. 


Commander Skotleski was asked by GAR President Hal Myers to suspend the meeting so he could relay information on our situation at City Hall.  He had a call from the Mayor’s Office on May 31 and was asked to meet on June 3.  Hal, Howard and Russ Jones met with the City Administrator and was notified that we would have to vacate our rooms.  He also told them that the city would help us find a place to go.  There were two buildings stated, one in West Scranton which was a definite NO and the other a Firehouse on Ash Street in the Hill Section.  The firehouse would be the best of the two because of its location and ease of access.  There would be work to be done, but that was also done on the present location.  It was also determined that the School for the Deaf would not be available anytime soon.  They will be contacted again after our meeting to discuss the matter and other questions which need to be answered.  He will also check his listings to see if maybe there is any other place hat would be of interest to us.  Hal also reported that he was contacted by Ken Rich and Ken Searfoss and asked if we were in need of funds, which Hal answered Yes.  No other info at this time.  Howard was contacted and asked if we were in the Visitors Center Catalog.  His answer was No and was told someone from the Visitors Center would contact him about making an appointment to come to the Museum to get pictures and information.



Jim Jones reported that there is a Court of Honor coming up and Commander Skotleski will present Brian Patrick Rogers with his Award.  He also spoke of Interstate communication and a list of coordinators nationwide in which he is involved.  Commander Skotleski asked Jim if there had been any notifications about the two Scranton High School students who are to be Eagle Scouts.  Jim has no information at this time.   



All General and Department Orders have been emailed to members. 



Commander Skotleski commended Brother Scott Teeters for invaluable service at our Flag Detail.  He and his bag full of tools and things were of great help.


Bill Fischer put in the paperwork with the Veterans Administration for the broken stone at the Dunmore Cemetery.  He stated it is in progress.


Our new member Charles Matthias let us know on Memorial Day that he will be donating a sound system to the Camp for use at our ceremonies.


Bill Fischer quoted a section of National General Order which states: 

It is Ordered that the following statement be noted on the Official Programs for all SUVCW events, ceremonies, and meetings, along with posting on any SUVCW website homepage and photo galleries: “Individuals attending events hosted by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, by virtue of their attendance, agree to the usage of their likeness in the Banner, any Camp or Department Newsletter, any SUVCW website and/or on any SUVCW Social Media outlet, promotional brochures, or any other SUVCW material.”


Dunmore Mayor Max Conway thanked Commander Skotleski for inviting him to the Ceremony.


Commander Skotleski conveyed his thanks to his sister (Susan Skotleski Krum) for the great job she did refurbishing the Wreath for our Ceremony and also to Price Chopper (Market 32) in Stroudsburg for the donation of rose petals.



Commander Skotleski will contact Mr. Gattens and Craig Kelly about the Flag Ceremony at Nay Aug Park in July.


Secretary Shaffer brought up the rising price of gasoline.  He made a motion to purchase a ZOOM account to be used just in case prices skyrocket, Jim Jones seconded and all were in favor.



Our next Meeting will be held on September 17, 2022 at the Museum.  If any changes, members will be notified by e-mail.


Jerry O’Malley also commented on the timely manner City Hall contacted us.  He also stated that a project like this would help us get back together as a team.  We need new ideas on which way our organization is going.  He also mentioned the great job that was done on Memorial Day.


 PI Jerry O’Malley had asked for input on what he should report on.  He had one request, to report on the Union Navy, which he did on a grand scale.  Bill Fischer had a GGGrandfather Foster who was a coal heaver and Hal Myers had a GGGUncle David Samuel Green that was the Executive Officer on the Monitor.  


With no further business or discussion, the meeting was closed in ritualistic fashion by Commander Skotleski.


Respectfully submitted,

Bob Shaffer