September 17, 2022


The meeting was called to order in ritualistic manner by Commander Jerry Skotleski.

Other members in attendance were:


Mark Myers Jim Jones Howard Wolfe
Giovan Lisi

Officers Excused: SVC Hal Myers, Chaplain Tim Chase, Secretary Bob Shaffer

Guests: Danielle Shaffer & Dorothy Kelly, Bannon-Long Auxiliary #10; Charles Matthias


Minutes from the June meeting were not read as they were not available.



No expenditures at this time.

HOWEVER, we have learned in an email from the National Encampment a vote was made to increase dues $10.00.  As a result, our camp will have to pay National $32.   Dues for the camp are currently $39. Camp 8 MUST increase our dues $10 to offset the increase by National. 

This motion must be brought up for discussion and voted upon at the October meeting.

NOTE:  we have no choice to pay National the $10 increase. Expect the dues for 2023 to increase. 

A motion to accept the Treasurer's Report was made by Jim Jones and seconded by Giovan Lisi, all were in favor.



Our thoughts, prayers and well wishes go out to: Hal Myers and his wife Maggie; Jerry O'Malley and Bob Shaffer.



Things are moving slowly as Scouts are at Camps racking up badges.  Jim;s new group received applications from all over the United States.  40 are from the Order of St. George and are referred to the Sons.

A certificate and badge was presented to Eagle Scout Brian Rogers in Stroudsburg. Commander Skotleski attended the ceremony and awarded Brian his certificate and badge in a beautiful and well attended ceremony. Congratulations to Brian from all of Camp #8. 



All General and Department Orders have been emailed to members. 



The move of the museum was discussed and the options presented and updates since June. The firehouse building in East Scranton - hill section - does not look good on the inside. Much work would need to be done. 

The West Side juvenile center was not in the best section of town creating concern for the protection of the museum’s artifacts. 

In Green Ridge there is an American Legion: Post #908 on Deacon Street that was brought up as a possibility but more research was needed on its viability.

Carter Atkins sent a location at 1415 Electric Street, Dunmore as a location for a possible place. The building is for sale.  Howard Wolfe will call to see the details on the viability of the building.  



On July 30th, some members gathered at the museum to do some cleaning. Carpets were cleaned, books and boxes were moved and organized but there remains a lot to do when the move happens. Decisions need to be made on what to keep and its organization. 

Scott Teeters found a Camp #8 SUV grave marker that he restored. We agreed with his assessment to have it waxed like the Park Service does with grade markers. 

The Dunmore Cemetery tours with Julie Esty and “The Dearly Departed Players” will take place October 2nd and 9th starting at 2pm.  It is a 90 minute walking tour. 

Our next meeting will be October 15th.  Location to be determined.  Howard Wolfe is looking to see if we are allowed to get into the museum at City Hall.  There will be the nomination of officers. 

There will be discussion to move the November 19th meeting as to not conflict with those attending Remembrance Day in Gettysburg. 


With no further business or discussion, the meeting was closed in ritualistic fashion by Commander Skotleski.


Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Skotleski